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ENT Department


  • Goal 
    Main goal of ENT department is to treat the patients of common ENT problems, treat them surgically if required & restoring patients with hearing impairment with provisional of hearing aids.
  • Objective 
    1. Understand the basic pathophysiology & management of common ENT diseases and emergencies.
    2. Appropriate & judicial use of commonly used drugs in ENT, keeping in mind their adverse reactions.
    3. Perform common investigative procedures and their interpretation.
  • Skill

    1. Examination & Diagnosis of common ENT problems including malignant & premalignant lesions of head & Neck.
    2. Manage ENT problems at level & prompt referral to the tertiary center when required.
    3. Perform minor surgical procedure like ear syringing, ear dressing, nasal packing, removal of foreign bodies from nose & ear.
    4. Assisting in procedure like endoscopies, tracheostomy.


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